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fight damage®

the bond building & strengthening phlex shot

  Step 1  

apply fight damage® shot

fight damage.jpg

We recommend using fight damage® with every colour service. It helps make hair stronger, whilst visibly improving the overall elasticity and texture. This bond builder allows complete peace of mind when colouring, ensuring the integrity of your hair is strengthened and maintained.


The Shot is easy to mix and apply with any tint or bleach.

WITH TINT Using the pipet or scales add 4ml of the fight damage® shot to your normal tint mix. Apply tint as usual.

WITH BLEACH using the pipet or scall add 8ml of the fight damage® shot to your normal bleach mix. Apply as usual. When applying a tint after bleach, again add 4ml of the fight damage® shot to the tint mix as per the above instructions.

  Step 2  

apply the miracle masque®

miracle masque.png

'The miracle' masque was formulated with 14 years of experience pioneering professional smoothing and the original bond builders. Designed to strengthen the inner hair shaft on a bond level, increase elasticity, shine and manageability.


As well as being Step 2 in the fight damage treatment, ' the miracle ' masque is an essential stand alone weekly masque that is simply going to transform your hair.


Formulated with some truly unique ingredients, like murumuru butter, added to help restore moisture and work to restore the internal integrity of each strand, all whilst increasing the external shine.


We've also included carob seed butter, which helps to keep your hair and scalp hydrated and strong as well as shea butter, geraniol and carboxysteine. Bringing your hair to its optimum condition, and when used on a weekly basis, keep it that way.


Once your colour is complete rinse or shampoo as normal, then apply a generous amound of the miracle masque. Work through ends to root and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. And we're ready!

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fight damage® phlex treatment available in salon

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